Graeme Hugo


International migration and agricultural labour in Australia

With some 23.3 percent of its population born overseas and 19.2 percent Australia-born people with at least one parent born overseas, Australia has a greater proportion of its population made up of migrants than any of the OECD nations. Although immigrants make up a disproportionately...
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Australians on the move: trends and emerging issues

Australians are a very mobile population, showing high levels of permanent movement and nonpermanent circulation within Australia and an increasing level of emigration. This article describes some of the major patterns of Australian internal migration and examines the factors shaping them and the emerging social...
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Australia's State-Specific and Regional Migration Scheme: An Assessment of its Impacts in South Australia

In post-demographic transition societies, the impacts of low fertility and aging are most strongly felt in peripheral areas where they are exacerbated by youth outmigration. International migration is increasingly seen to have the potential to offset these demographic constraints on economic development. In Australia, immigration...
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Attracting skilled migrants to regional areas: what does it take?

For some time government policy has tried to encourage permanent migrants to settle outside the major cities in so-called regional areas. This policy has met with limited success (even though the term 'regional' has often included Melbourne). In 2003 the policy was extended to temporary...

Time and tide: moving towards an understanding of temporal population changes in coastal Australia

This report is about measuring temporary populations, in contrast to the permanent population measured by the Census undertaken by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) every five years.