Olivia Kember

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Full disclosure: improving corporate disclosure on climate risk

This report captures the views of investors who are reading and using company reporting to inform investment decisions, manage portfolio level risk and set strategies for transitioning to net zero emissions. It sets out what investors expect from the next generation of climate reports, how...

Climate mitigation and adaptation in the ACT: costs, benefits and implications

This report analyses various measures under consideration by the ACT Government to address climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation) and preparing for the physical impacts of climate change (adaptation). Mitigation measures are assessed against the 2030 emission reduction target range for the ACT-recommended...

Submission on the retirement of coal fired power stations

Introduction The Climate Institute welcomed the opportunity to contribute to the Senate inquiry into the retirement of coal fired power stations. The transition from ageing, high-carbon coal generation to clean energy is a central concern not just for the Australian electricity system. Due to the...

GHG mitigation in Australia: an overview of the current policy landscape

This report outlines Australia’s policy framework for greenhouse gas emissions reduction, identifies areas of potential change in the near term, and attempts to evaluate the impact of current policies on Australia’s emissions trajectory to 2020. It assesses Australia’s international commitments, and the major policies of...

Boosting Australia’s energy productivity

This report argues that Australia’s poor investment in energy efficiency is costing the nation tens of billions of dollars in economic growth. Summary Energy efficiency is both the single most costeffective way of lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and an essential component of any strategy to...