Prue Cameron


Expanding early interventions in family violence in Victoria

The Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence (RCFV) envisaged a family violence system in which all universal services are enabled to engage in early interventions in family violence. Such a significant broad-based reform has major implications for organisations and their staff. This project scoped a...

Relationship problems and money: women talk about financial abuse

Examines the barriers women face to building their financial independence and long-term security post-separation. Summary Women’s financial hardship and insecurity, caused by financial abuse in the context of family violence, is a serious concern, particularly considering the increasing feminisation of poverty in Australia. Financial abuse...

Hard to get a break?

Problems getting enough work, breaking back into the workforce or getting a break from overwork are taking their toll on millions of Australian workers, making us sick and leading to less productive and enjoyable workplaces. Whether employees are overworked, underworked or out of work, millions...

What’s choice got to do with it? Women's lifetime financial disadvantage and the superannuation gender pay gap

This paper argues that the financial disadvantage Australian women will face in retirement has nothing to do with whether they have a family. Summary There is much public debate about the role of 'choice' when it comes to women and work in Australia – but...