Domestic Violence Victoria


Working with news and social media to prevent violence against women and their children: a strategic framework for Victoria

Working with News and Social Media to Prevent Violence Against Women and their Children: A Strategic Framework for Victoria (Framework) has been developed to achieve a clear plan in Victoria for working with the media in the area of primary prevention of violence against women...

The prevalence of Acquired Brain Injury among victims and perpetrators of family violence

This research was part of the implementation of Recommendation 171 of the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence; “The Victorian government fund research into the prevalence of acquired brain injury among family violence victims and perpetrators.”

Expanding early interventions in family violence in Victoria

The Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence (RCFV) envisaged a family violence system in which all universal services are enabled to engage in early interventions in family violence. Such a significant broad-based reform has major implications for organisations and their staff. This project scoped a...

Specialist family violence services: the heart of an effective family violence system

The Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence is an extraordinary opportunity to interrogate and strengthen the family system in this state. Unprecedented increase in family violence incidents has placed demands on the system - the specialist family violence services police, legal support, child protection and...

Making social housing work: better homes for low-income Victorians

With the Victorian social housing system is under severe stress, this report calls for a broad strategy that addresses social housing shortages, and looks at ways to expand the supply and quality of low cost private housing.