Richard Fabling

Working paper

Of interest? Estimating the average interest rate on debt across firms and over time

This study uses tax data from the Longitudinal Business Database to estimate the firm-level average interest rate on liabilities.

Living on the edge: an anatomy of New Zealand's frontier firms

This report explores the key characteristics of firms at New Zealand’s productivity frontier through the use of Stats NZ’s Longitudinal Business Database.
Working paper

Competition and productivity: do commonly used metrics suggest a relationship?

This research highlights different aspects of competition within industries in New Zealand.
Working paper

Entrepreneurial beginnings: transitions to self-employment and the creation of jobs

This paper addresses two questions: what characteristics are associated with entrepreneurship (starting a self-employed business); and which sorts of entrepreneurs are more successful (create jobs)?
Working paper

What drives the gender wage gap? Examining the roles of sorting, productivity differences, and discrimination

The study by researchers at Motu Economic and Public Policy found that men and women were statistically indistinguishable in how much value they add to their firms, but the average woman was paid only 84 cents for every $1 for the average man.