Molly Johnson


Workin' 9 to 5.30 - unpaid overtime and work life balance

Summary Work life balance is more of an aspiration than a reality for many Australians. Unpaid overtime is commonplace in many Australian workplaces with more than half of all workers stating they worked unpaid overtime in the week leading up to the survey. Australians now...

Heartland - why the bush needs its ABC

Overview Regional media is viewed as an essential democratic institution by regional Australians, with 95 per cent accessing some type of local content each week. Regional media is an important source of news, weather, and emergency information. It also contributes to a sense of community...

The great Australian lockout: inequality in the housing market

Overview: A new research paper from The Australia Institute reveals that home ownership rates in Australia are falling across all age groups, most significantly for people in their 50’s. Middle income earners are experiencing the sharpest decline in ownership rates. Housing affordability issues have changed...

Everyday sexism: Australian women’s experiences of street harassment

This research found that nine in ten Australian women have experienced street harassment and modify their behaviour in response. Overview Actions women are taking for their personal safety include everything from crossing the street to avoid strangers, to pretending to have a conversation on their...

Walking the tightrope: Have Australians achieved work/life balance?

Work/life balance continues to be an issue for many people with only three-out-of-ten people (3.4 million) reporting an improvement in the past five years, according to this report. Introduction Former Prime Minister of Australia John Howard described work/life balance as a "BBQ-stopper" in 2001. Since...