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Karen Kellard


Understanding the attitudes and motivations of adults who engage in image-based abuse

This research focuses on perpetrators of image-based abuse and front-line workers who engage with perpetrators on a professional basis. The research is based on detailed interviews and provides unique insights into the attitudes, circumstances and motivations of image-based abuse perpetration and the visibility of this...

Evaluation of Work for the Dole 2014-15

Overview This evaluation report provides insights into early implementation and initial outcomes of Work for the Dole 2014-15. The Department of Employment commissioned an independent evaluation of the Work for the Dole 2014-15 Programme. The evaluation was conducted by The Social Research Centre working with...

Victoria Legal Aid community research

Research conducted in June and July 2014 found strong community support for the services provided by Victoria Legal Aid. More than 1500 people were consulted as part of the research, with 92 per cent of respondents agreeing that it was important or very important for...