Asher Flynn


Understanding the attitudes and motivations of adults who engage in image-based abuse

This research focuses on perpetrators of image-based abuse and front-line workers who engage with perpetrators on a professional basis. The research is based on detailed interviews and provides unique insights into the attitudes, circumstances and motivations of image-based abuse perpetration and the visibility of this...

Image-based sexual abuse: victims and perpetrators

Image-based sexual abuse (IBSA) refers to the non-consensual creation, distribution or threatened distribution of nude or sexual images. This research examines the prevalence, nature and impacts of IBSA victimisation and perpetration in Australia.
Journal article

Image-based sexual abuse: the extent, nature, and predictors of perpetration in a community sample of Australian residents

This paper presents findings of the first national online survey of self-reported lifetime IBSA perpetration in Australia, with a focus on the extent, nature, and predictors of perpetration.

Bargaining with defensive homicide: examining Victoria’s secretive plea bargaining system post-law reform

The offence of defensive homicide was introduced in Victoria in November 2005 as part of a wider package of homicide law reforms recommended by the Victorian Law Reform Commission (‘VLRC’). This article looks at how certain reforms provide clarity to the partial defences to murder...

Plea negotiations: an empirical analysis

Negotiating guilty pleas (‘plea bargaining’) is a central element of criminal justice processes in Australia, yet little is known outside the legal community about the frequency and outcomes of plea negotiations. This study addresses this important knowledge gap through qualitative and quantitative analysis of cases...
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