Chris Angus

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Briefing paper

Regional NSW: a demographic and economic snapshot

This briefing paper presents a snapshot of regional NSW's demographic, economic and labour force characteristics.
Briefing paper

Uranium mining and nuclear energy in New South Wales

The main focus of this paper is to provide Members of Parliament and the New South Wales public with an overview of the key issues surrounding uranium mining and nuclear energy in NSW.
Briefing paper

Delegated legislation: flexibility at the cost of scrutiny?

​This e-brief outlines the purpose of delegated legislation, and how it is used in NSW. It then outlines criticisms of delegated legislation and provides key statistics for both the NSW and Commonwealth Parliaments, before discussing existing scrutiny measures in the NSW Parliament.
Briefing paper

Trends in NSW population growth

This e-brief provides an overview of NSW and Australian population trends using a range of ABS datasets. It first summarises long term population trends for NSW and Australia, before using available data to determine which areas of the state have experienced the highest growth.

Visualising NSW electorates: population growth

Population growth and density data is presented in map and table form for all 93 NSW electorates. The Parliamentary Research Service has also published Trends in NSW population growth, which examines long term population trends in NSW.