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Joanna Howe


Review of the migration system: final report

In September 2022, the Federal Home Affairs Minister, Clare O'Neil, announced three eminent persons would lead a comprehensive review of Australia's migration system to ensure it better meets existing challenges and sets a clear direction for the coming decades. This report sets out the findings...

Protecting students at work

This report summarises research, undertaken as part of an Australian Research Council Discovery Grant–funded project, which has been examining the challenges posed by the regulation of post-secondary forms of work experience.

Towards a durable future: tackling labour challenges in the Australian horticulture industry

Interrogating both the extent of labour shortages in the horticulture industry for pickers, packers and graders and the level of non-compliance with labour standards, this report examines horticulture labour supply to develop an evidence base for analysing the effectiveness of existing practices and to identify...

Australian government axes 457 work visa: experts react

The Turnbull Government is axing the 457 Visa program and replacing it with a new Temporary Skill Shortage Visa. This comes after a history of problems with the 457 program, including uncovered abuse of workers. The new scheme will be made up of two streams...

Migration: the economic debate

Over the last seventy years, immigration has added seven million people to Australia’s population and will, if current policy settings continue, add a further thirteen million by 2060. The current focus of the migration program on skilled migration, while maintaining opportunities for family and humanitarian...