Dean Parham


Migration: the economic debate

Over the last seventy years, immigration has added seven million people to Australia’s population and will, if current policy settings continue, add a further thirteen million by 2060. The current focus of the migration program on skilled migration, while maintaining opportunities for family and humanitarian...

A primer on digital productivity: an introduction to some of the basic concepts of how digitisation affects productivity growth

As part of its work on analysing digital productivity, the Bureau of Communications Research (BCR) has released the first part of a leading project to understand how digitisation affects Australia’s productivity and the nation’s economy. A key tool for policy officers and decision-makers, the Digital...
Discussion paper

Labour’s share of growth in income and prosperity

The paper is about the sources of growth in income in Australia and the effects of structural change on the distribution of income between labour and capital. The main objective is to find an explanation for the fall in the labour share of income in...

Australia’s productivity growth slump: signs of crisis, adjustment or both?

This paper examines the sources of the decline in Australia’s productivity growth since the record highs of the 1990s, focusing on the last two complete productivity cycles (ending in 2007-08). It offers a different perspective by looking for a general or macro-economic explanation and then...

Can Australia match US productivity performance?

This paper examines Australia's future productivity growth prospects and, specifically, whether it is feasible for Australia to match the performance benchmarks set by other countries now and in the foreseeable future. Key points • International comparisons of productivity at a national level are useful, but...