Rosalyn Black


The role of technology in engaging disengaged youth

This research analyses the ways in which young and disadvantaged Vocational and Education and Training students can be engaged through new information and communications technologies. The continued emergence of new information and communications technology (ICT) represents an important opportunity to engage or re-engage with disadvantaged...

Youth volunteering in Australia: An evidence review

Provides evidence and potential policy options to inform federal, state and territory government efforts to increase youth volunteering. Summary The National Youth Affairs Research Scheme commissioned the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) and researchers Associate Professor Lucas Walsh and Rosalyn Black to...

Boardroom to classroom: the role of the corporate and philanthropic sectors in school education

This report delivers the findings of a research project carried out from 2008 to 2009 to explore the trends in corporate and philanthropic involvement in school education in Victoria, Australia and internationally that are supporting improved outcomes for students. This included a search of the...

New school networks for Australia

IF THERE is any one message that can be drawn from the vast body of research and commentary on school education in Australia, it is that tinkering around the edges of schooling will not solve the widening gaps in educational outcomes that limit opportunities for...

Beyond the classroom: building new school networks - Introduction

This new book, based on the findings of a year long research project, offers a clear strategy through the uncertainty and controversy surrounding the current education agenda. The message that emerges from the research is that piecemeal reforms to schooling will not provide solutions to...