Servicing the needs of major inner-urban trip generators

This report explores the role of commercial shared mobility services in supporting the needs of major trip generators, using inner-urban Adelaide as a case study.
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Shared-mobility experience in the City of Adelaide: insight from a preliminary study

With increasing mindfulness of car dependency, several strategies included developing sharing-economy mobility systems have been offered to help in restricting private vehicle usage. This study provides the survey results of two progressive and innovative shared-mobility schemes (GoGET and UBER) that have recently commenced operations in...
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The evaluation of urban development project by approach of landscape urbanism tenets: the case study of Bowden, Adelaide

Shortage of natural landscape in contemporary cities causes urban environments to lose vibrancy and attractiveness for human inhabitants. Urban development is driven by excessing need for density to accommodate urban dwellers in less energy and infrastructure demanding urban settings. However, urban development – in its...
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Evaluating sustainable urban form: Comparing two neighbourhood development patterns in Adelaide

Advocates of New Urbanism and Smart Growth concepts emphasize on neighbourhood form and design to achieve sustainability. Generally, three aspects of neighbourhood form are thought to be influencing travel patterns: density; diversity and design.