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Kevin O'Connor

Conference paper

Why has Melbourne closed the gap on Sydney since 2000?

The paper examines a number of hypotheses as to why Melbourne grew more despite initial Sydney advantages.
Conference paper

The impact of logistics activity on cities

This paper reviews research and practical examples of the logistics function and how this has become a very spatially extensive activity in many metropolitan areas.
Conference paper

Urban consolidation and house prices: a case study of Melbourne 1990 - 2004

Urban consolidation is a major policy plank in the management of Australian metropolitan development. At its heart are a set of actions designed to reduce the land used by housing in the urban development process.
Conference paper

International students and the changing character of the inner area of a city: A case study of Melbourne

Globalisation in the education sector has produced a different cluster of inner area residents that in some cases may be more numerous and perhaps even more influential on local city outcomes in housing and retail activity than the workers associated with advanced services.