Mark Liddiard


Accommodating transition: improving housing outcomes for young people leaving OHC

This research examined the housing, homelessness, mental health, alcohol and drug and juvenile justice service usage pathways for out-of-home care (OHC) leavers in Victoria and Western Australia.
Conference paper

'I could have used a lot more help...': The impact of Australian housing market dynamics upon young care leavers and homeless youth

Drawing upon original interviews with support agencies and young care leavers, this paper raises some pertinent questions for policy makers and emphasises the importance of affordability problems for severely limiting the ability of many young people to both obtain and maintain independent housing.
Conference paper

'My anger is what has driven me to get this far...' securing positive housing pathways for care leavers in Australia

This paper focuses upon independent housing pathways for care leavers and specifically reflects upon what makes a difference to care leavers’ ability to successfully move on.

Improving housing outcomes for young people leaving state out of home care

This project aims to inform policy and service practice to promote positive and sustainable housing outcomes for young people ageing out of the state out-of-home care system.