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Stephen Wood

Conference paper

Stranger adaptations: cultural diversity and public/private interface adaptations in Bankstown, Sydney

With a view to extending this literature, the current paper examines how intercultural encounters in public space are influenced by built form in the culturally diverse suburb of Bankstown, Sydney
Conference paper

Urban dimensions of creative clustering: mix/adaptation/networks/ambivalence

Why do creative clusters emerge within some specific urban morphologies and not others? This paper is based on a series of in-depth interviews with cultural producers in a range of fields including included design, new media, visual and performing arts, working in key creative clusters...
Conference paper

Public/private interfaces in the inner-city: types, adaptations, assemblages

This paper, part of a larger project on urban design and planning dimensions of creative clustering, analyses the micro-spatial morphology of public/private interfaces in the inner city of three Australian cities. What difference does an interface make—shop windows, front gardens, blank walls, car parks, garage...
Conference paper

What is urban character? The case of Camberwell

This paper is part of a larger research project which seeks to explore the phenomenology and discursive construction of urban character and place-identity.