Kim Dovey

Conference paper

Mapping Melbourne’s parklets: understanding the capacities of street spaces

A parklet is a small, barrier-protected space which temporarily transforms kerbside parking space for public use. This paper maps and analyses 594 parklets across metropolitan Melbourne, identified from aerial surveys and field observation, and examines a range of urban design factors across various scales that...
Conference paper

Temporary and tactical urbanism in Australia: a review of current practice, policy and practitioner perspectives

‘Temporary’ and ‘tactical’ (T/T) urbanism is a major recent global movement in urban planning and design. This paper discusses the distinctive ways T/T urbanism is defined and enacted in the Australian context, drawing upon a database of ninety projects identified in six cities, an analysis...
Conference paper

Space/time mapping of urban transit: isochrones, car-dependency and mode-choice in Melbourne

This paper maps the time/space zones of accessibility from any given location (isochrones) as a means to understand the ways we make choices between modes – a space/time phenomenology of everyday mobility.
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Incremental intensification: transit-oriented re-development of small-lot corridors

This paper explores the degree to which small and narrow lots constrain urban intensification through a study of a series of tram corridors in Melbourne.
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Urban dimensions of creative clustering: mix/adaptation/networks/ambivalence

Why do creative clusters emerge within some specific urban morphologies and not others? This paper is based on a series of in-depth interviews with cultural producers in a range of fields including included design, new media, visual and performing arts, working in key creative clusters...