Anne Tiernan


Being a trusted and respected partner: the APS's relationship with ministers and their offices

One of the key functions of the APS is how it interacts with ministers, and the nature and quality of that relationship affects the quality of public administration. This paper explores those interactions, how they have changed over time, and explores a new vision of...

Forgetting how to govern

Why do parties have so much trouble learning from past successes and failures? ELECTION postmortems are a ritual of grieving – a necessary safety valve to contain the damage and internal recrimination that might otherwise break out after a devastating and unexpected election loss. After...

A complex view from the Summit

Governance isn't easily reduced to slogans, but it’s fundamentally important, writes ANNE TIERNAN.

Caretaker conventions in Australasia: minding the shop for government

In this monograph, Anne Tiernan and Jennifer Menzies capably chart the often hazardous terrain of the 'caretaker period' that ensues from the time an election is called until a new government is formed. This is a landscape fraught with political and administrative dangers - particularly...