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Investigation of readiness for 4D and 5D BIM adoption in the Australian construction industry

As Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an enabler that can improve productivity of a construction project by facilitating collaboration among stakeholders, there has been an effort to promote BIM adoption in Australia, and yet the Australian construction industry is remained behind in adopting the BIM...
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Critical success factors for community-driven development projects: a Sri Lankan community perspective

Despite significant investments, community-driven development (CDD) projects have yielded mixed successes in different countries and localities, underscoring the need to improve the project model. Recognising the importance of critical success factors (CSFs) in this exercise from different stakeholders’ perspectives and at a project-level ‘micro’ view...
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Developing a fuzzy risk assessment model for guaranteed maximum price and target cost contracts in South Australia

Purpose – This paper aims to develop a fuzzy risk assessment model for construction projects procured with target cost contracts and guaranteed maximum price contracts (TCC/GMP) using the fuzzy synthetic evaluation method, based on an empirical questionnaire survey with relevant industrial practitioners in South Australia...
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Impacts of heat waves and corresponding measures: a review

Heat waves have significant impacts on both ecosystems and human beings. This is compounded by future climate scenarios which indicate more frequent and severe heat waves in certain locations. There are members of communities that are more vulnerable to the effects of heat waves such...
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The effect of dwelling occupants on energy consumption: the case of heat waves in Australia

Climate change predictions indicate more extremes in weather conditions in the coming decades with more frequent and severe heat waves in certain locations including Australia. It is likely that the more vulnerable members of the community will be at risk during heat waves in the...
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