Josh Byrne

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The home as a system of practice and its implications for energy and water metabolism

Highlights A mixed method approach is used to analyze everyday practice in 8 homes over a year. Practices are performed in a sequential temporal spectrum as part of a routine. Practices are influenced by the interlocked practices and routines of other occupants. Highly interlocked and...
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The influence of design and everyday practices on individual heating and cooling behaviour in residential homes

Emerging results from practice-based research demonstrate that energy efficient houses often do not meet theoretical energy use based on the current standards of residential buildings. A factor influencing this inconsistency is related to user behaviour and everyday practices. The objective of this research is to...
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Influencing energy and water use within a home system of practice

Highlights A persuasive behaviour change program is assessed from a practice theory approach. Most changes involved alterations in the technology element of the practice. Alterations in the meaning and skill elements of practice are challenging. Automation enabled dis-interlocking changes from the home system of practice...

WGV Living Lab – performance monitoring design report

WGV is a 2.2ha residential infill development in White Gum Valley delivered by the Western Australian State Government Developer, LandCorp. Consisting of four multi-residential sites, one group housing site and 23 detached residential sites, WGV will eventually accommodate up to 100 dwellings and around 250...