The structure of this report is based on the CRCLCL RP3033 project activities which included:

  • Performance modelling to ascertain the operational energy and carbon emission profiles for the different dwelling typologies at WGV.
  • Life Cycle Analysis of a selection of dwellings in the precinct representing different typologies, construction methods and building materials.
  • The design and implementation of performance monitoring systems to monitor operational energy and water use across the precinct.
  • Data collection and analysis to demonstrate the degree of energy and water savings across the various dwelling typologies compared to local averages.
  • Resident engagement to understand the impact of home practice on energy and water use.
  • Engagement with the City of Fremantle (local government authority) to share the findings of a planning and design process analysis to identify solutions to barriers to the implementation of low carbon developments.
  • Documentation and communication of the WGV Living Lab journey via a 10-part web-based video series.

Each of these activities is presented as a dedicated section in this report; including activity overview, outcomes and references.

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