Giles Thomson

Journal article

Urban fabrics and urban metabolism – from sustainable to regenerative cities

This paper uses urban metabolism as a way to understand the sustainability of cities. It suggests that the city organism can reduce its metabolic footprint (resource inputs and waste outputs) whilst improving its livability. Like organisms, different cities have different metabolisms. This paper demonstrates that...

Urban regeneration in Australia

This chapter on urban regeneration in Australia explores the current state of play concerning urban regeneration in Australia’s major cities, with particular reference to Melbourne.

Mainstreaming sustainable precincts: sharing experiences

When progressive developers and early adopters attempt to push boundaries and test innovative new approaches to delivering precinct-scale eco-infrastructure,they invariably hit a range of obstacles.

Guide to low carbon precincts

This document is a resource for anyone planning or assessing new low carbon precincts. Its advice complements existing policy and may be of use to developers, planners, policy makers and the community—anyone who is seeking to understand how to create sustainable urban outcomes.
Journal article

Geoengineering in the anthropocene through regenerative urbanism

Large-scale green urbanism in cities and their bioregions can help to reduce stress on planetary boundaries and the biosphere due to human consumption patterns.