John Uhr

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Studies in Australian political rhetoric

Overview: This edited collection includes eleven major case studies and one general review of rhetorical contest in Australian politics. The volume showcases the variety of methods available for studying political speech, including historical, theoretical, institutional, and linguistic analyses, and demonstrates the centrality of language use...

Public leadership: perspectives and practices

‘Leadership’ is routinely admired, vilified, ridiculed, invoked, trivialised, explained and speculated about in the media and in everyday conversation. Despite all this talk, there is surprisingly little consensus about how to answer basic questions about the nature, place, role and impact of leadership in contemporary...

How democratic is parliament? A case study in auditing the performance of parliaments

In this discussion paper John Uhr ranks parliaments against four key values - political equality, popular control of government, civil liberties and human rights and public deliberation. The Senate emerges in a positive light, particularly in relation to proportional representation, scrutiny of legislation and the...

Constitutional law 2005

Papers and audio from the 2005 Constitutional Law Conference and Dinner, held on 18 February, are now available online. Speakers include Anne Twomey, John Uhr, Senator George Brandis, Andrew Lynch, Arthur Glass and George Williams.

The leaders debate: how democratic?

What can we make of the 'great debate' between Prime Minister John Howard and Opposition leader Mark Latham televised live on 12 September, asks John Uhr. Where does the Australian experience fit in the larger world of democratic politics? What lessons about the state of...