Anne Twomey

Anne Twomey has practised as a solicitor and is admitted to practice in New South Wales, Victoria, the ACT, and the High Court (but does not hold a current practising certificate). She has worked for the High Court of Australia as a Senior Research Officer, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Research Service as a researcher in the Law and Government Group, the Commonwealth Senate as Secretary to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee, and The Cabinet Office of NSW as Policy Manager of the Legal Branch. She has acted as a consultant to various government bodies.
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Changing the Australian Constitution was always meant to be difficult – here’s why

The authors of the Australian Constitution ensured that the country's guiding document could never be changed on a whim or for political expediency.

Office of profit under the Crown

This research examines the concept of 'office of profit under the Crown’.

High Court unanimously rejects challenge to Senate voting reform

In a unanimous judgement, the High Court on Friday crushed Family First senator Bob Day’s High Court challenge to the recent Senate voting reforms. The court regarded none of Day’s arguments as having any merit. It dismissed them as “untenable” or failing at their very...

Political donations

Political donations, electoral funding and how they should be regulated. Reforming campaign finance rules is a difficult process in Australia and overseas. But NSW Liberal party premier Mike Baird wants to reform the electoral funding legislation before the 2015 state election. Guests Professor Anne Twomey...
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What powers should Canberra give up – if any?

It’s been over a century since the Federation was formed, Australian society and the world have changed, so is it time to re think how Federalism works? Critics say that the current system is wasteful, inefficient and that too much central control results in poorer...