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Anne Twomey


Office of profit under the Crown

This research examines the concept of 'office of profit under the Crown’.

Local government funding and constitutional recognition

In December 2011, the Expert Panel on the Constitutional Recognition of Local Government recommended that a referendum be held to amend s 96 of the Commonwealth Constitution to allow the Commonwealth Parliament to make grants of financial assistance to ‘any local government body formed by...

The reform of political donations, expenditure and funding

This paper considers the constitutional and practical constraints upon reforming electoral campaign funding in Australia. It addresses the banning or capping of political donations, the limiting of campaign expenditure and the expansion of public funding of political parties. In doing so, it draws on the...

Federalism - the good, the bad and the opportunities

Anne Twomey argues in this article that it is in the interests of all of us to make federalism work better. Much could be achieved without the need for a constitutional amendment. All that is required is will and commitment. Recognising the problems is one...

Australia's federal future

This report dispels many common misconceptions about federalism. The authors draw on international comparisons and political and economic analysis to identify a range of benefits that flow from federal systems, including checks and balances on power to protect the individual; more efficient, innovative and responsive...