Graham Currie

Conference paper

Valuing public transport customer amenities: A survey of practice across Australasian and international transit agencies

Public transport customer amenities cover a range of ancillary improvements which are not directly related to operations or service quantity but can enhance the quality of the passenger experience. Examples include information provision, passenger facilities, station/stop quality and personal security measures. While much research has...
Conference paper

Alarming trends in the growth of Forced Car Ownership in Melbourne

‘Forced Car Ownership’ (FCO) describes low income households with high car ownership, resulting in a high proportion of their income going to their cars. The cost of running multiple cars, combined with housing costs, puts considerable stress on low income households. Contemporary research has identified...

Fair dental care for low income earners: National report on the state of dental care

Oral health is fundamental to overall health, wellbeing and quality of life. A healthy mouth enables people to eat, speak and socialise without pain, discomfort or embarrassment. The impact of oral disease on people’s everyday lives is subtle and pervasive, influencing eating, sleeping, work and...

Australian community sector survey 2008

Community services have experienced a sharp increase in demand, according to this report, which provides information on service use, income, expenditure and workforce issues for the community services and welfare sector. The survey of non-government agencies found a 6.3 per cent increase in the number...