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William Tow


ANZUS and alliance politics in Southeast Asia: revisiting the ‘southern flank’

The southern-flank portion of the U.S regional alliance network—also known as the ‘San Francisco system’—includes formal bilateral defence treaties with Thailand and the Philippines and the ANZUS defence pact. This report outlines an assessment of how the San Francisco system’s southern flank matters in contemporary...

To choose or not to choose: how to deal with China's growing power and influence

This paper collects 10 items published on the ASPI blog 'The Strategist' by eight authors on one of the most important public policy issues of this decade and beyond: how to deal with China’s growing power and influence.

The eagle returns: resurgent US strategy in Southeast Asia and its policy implications

With the US military commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan starting to wind down, the United States is increasingly pivoting towards the Asia-Pacific region and is prioritising Southeast Asia in its global strategy. The US needs to continue to build and maintain relationships in Southeast Asia...

Tangled webs: Security architectures in Asia

This report presents a broad overview of regional security architectures and a guide for Australian policy makers on how to advance Australia's national interest in the coming years. The suggestions include how Australia's engagement with Asia must continue to mesh with its engagement with the...