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Nick Bisley

Conference paper

Integrated Asia: Australia’s dangerous new strategic geography

Globalization and major power rivalry are creating a China-centric integrated Asian strategic system, drawing together the once-discrete theatres of Northeast, Southeast, South and Central Asia.

Defence diplomacy: is the game worth the candle?

Few defence topics have been as prominent or invested with as much optimism in recent years as defence diplomacy. This paper has been created to explore the issue and help guide policymakers. Foreword Few Defence topics have been as prominent or invested with as much...

Conflict in the East China Sea: would ANZUS apply?

This paper analyses the circumstances under which conflict in the East China Sea could occur and the implications for Australia.

To choose or not to choose: how to deal with China's growing power and influence

This paper collects 10 items published on the ASPI blog 'The Strategist' by eight authors on one of the most important public policy issues of this decade and beyond: how to deal with China’s growing power and influence.

The real Pacific solution: a NATO for Asia

Nick Bisley of Monash University writes that recent security crises in the Asia-Pacific region illustrate the institutional limits of security in the region and the pressing need to rethink the broader basis of regional security and more specifically, the nature of the American alliance system...