Sarah Wise


Developments to strengthen systems for child protection across Australia

This paper outlines the latest iteration of changes within Australian child protection systems, drawing on a survey completed by child protection departments across Australia on change and reform planned or underway since July 2010.

Improving the early life outcomes of Indigenous children: implementing early childhood development at the local level

One of Australia’s greatest challenges is the elimination of the gap between the developmental outcomes of Indigenous and non-Indigenous children in the early years of life. This paper reviews existing research and presents strategies to improve early childhood development among Indigenous Australians. Aims of this...

Mothers on the margins

Every year, Anglicare Victoria conducts a survey of its Emergency Relief and Financial Counselling clients to assess the level and extent of hardship and to highlight a contemporary problem facing people on low income.

Trying to connect: telecommunications access and affordability among people experiencing financial hardship

With rapid changes in telecommunications technology comes concern about inequalities opening up between those who have access to the information and other benefits new telecommunications technology transfers and those who do not. Anglicare Victoria’s Hardship Survey 2013 focussed on the affordability and accessibility of telecommunication...

Stronger families in Australia study: the impact of communities for children

This report presents the results of the evaluation of the short-run impacts of the Communities for Children (CfC) initiative on child, family and community outcomes. The study was based on a three-wave longitudinal study of 2,202 families living in 10 sites that had a CfC...