Iain Campbell

Iain has a background in the sociology of work, employment relations and economic geography. His doctoral research at the University of Melbourne was on the topic of casual employment in Australia, and he has subsequently conducted detailed case-study research in occupations and industries such as retail, cleaning services, legal services and nursing. He is experienced in the use of official labour force statistics, both in Australia and cross-nationally. He can speak German and French and has an extensive knowledge of contemporary European debates and policy initiatives in the general areas of employment and social welfare. Iain has published numerous academic articles on work and employment. He is a co-author of the book Fragmented Futures: New Challenges in Working Life (2003) and co-editor of Gender and the Contour of Precarious Employment (2009). He has contributed expert evidence in several major industrial cases.

Taking a taxi ride to an inhospitable workplace

Despite the publicity given to their plight, international students are still highly disadvantaged in the workforce.
Briefing paper

What is the relationship between underemployment and housing insecurity?

Underemployment is defined as working less than 35 hours in a given week and preferring to work more paid hours. In Australia, underemployment is well above the OECD average (OECD Employment Outlook 2010), is more widespread than unemployment and is prevalent amongst women, the young...
Working paper

The housing security consequences of underemployment

This Positioning Paper introduces a research project that aims to provide an Australia-wide analysis of the consequences of underemployment for housing security. It explores the connection between an increasingly important but problematic feature of contemporary labour markets (underemployment) and a crucial dimension of housing research...

Temporary migrant labour in Australia

Temporary migrant labour is increasing in significance in many industrialised countries, including Australia. More than a decade ago, a commentator observed that there was a ‘quiet revolution’ occurring in relation to the admission of temporary migrant workers to Australia. Eight years later, a leading demographer...

"The elephant in the room": working-time patterns of solicitors in private practice in Melbourne

This paper explores working-time arrangements for solicitors in private practice, drawing on official data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), varied documents, surveys, postings on legal blogs ('blawgs') and other secondary material, as well as a small program of interviews with solicitors, ex-solicitors and...