2019 New York Getting to Zero Status Report

This Getting to Zero Status Report (the Status Report) offers building owners, tenants, design teams, contractors, and policymakers a summary of NZE commercial and multifamily buildings data in New York and how trends across the State compare with the national landscape. This Status Report provides...

Urban climate action impacts framework

This report presents evidences that urban stakeholders need to guide and make the case for climate action.
Case study

Building resilient states: profiles in action

These case studies from across the US illustrate how strategic decisions about land use and transportation can make communities more resilient from the ground up.
Conference paper

Exploring a methodology for tracing spatial, social and textual networks through neighbourhoods

This study, currently in progress, is concerned with the circulation of knowledge, practice and objects related to parenting through three contrasting neighbourhoods.

To investigate planning policies that deliver positive social outcomes in hyper-dense, high-rise residential environments

Construction of skyscrapers in central Melbourne should be supported because a big jump in CBD population has many benefits for residents including easy access to jobs, shops and entertainment, according to this report.

Reformed to the hilt

SCRATCH any would-be education reformer among our political leaders and you’ll find someone who is easily excited by student test results. If the numbers go up then they prove the effectiveness of this or that innovation. If they go down then teachers aren’t making the...