Modelling and simulating time use of site workers with 4d BIM

This paper presents a research endeavouring to model site work in a 4D BIM model. Next simulations are performed with this model in 5 scenarios including specific interventions in work organisation, notably changing positons of facilities for site workers. A case study has been done...

Exploring the application of Lean principles to a construction supply chain

The characteristics known in construction are often seen as peculiarities of the industry and prevent the attainment of flows as efficient as in manufacturing. The construction industry knows two typical problems resulting from high levels of fragmentation and low levels of repetition: lack of control...
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Formal and informal relations within BIM-enabled supply chain partnerships

Supply chain management (SCM) and building information modelling (BIM) are innovations that focus on integration. Recent literature suggests performance benefits from combining these innovations. Within supply chain (SC) partnerships, that use BIM - hereinafter called BIM-enabled SC partnerships - various formal and informal dimensions influence...
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Unravelling Dutch homeowners' behaviour towards energy efficiency renovations: what drives and hinders their decision-making?

The current study aims for understanding the barriers and drivers towards energy efficiency renovations (EERs) amongst Dutch homeowners, and to aid in gaining a better insight into the role of public authorities in promoting EERs. First, the extrinsic drivers, including policies and other initiatives in...
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Regulating voluntary assisted dying in Australia: some insights from the Netherlands

Over two decades of Dutch experience with voluntary assisted dying can inform deliberations about the nature of a regulatory framework in Australian jurisdictions, according to the authors of this article.

Valuable digitalisation: how local government can play the ‘technology game’ in the public’s interest

The way in which Dutch municipal authorities innovate digitally has an impact on local democracy, the economy, work, social life and the physical environment. In this report, local administrators identify ten perspectives for socially responsible digitalisation.

Health at the centre: responsible data sharing in the digital society

In this report, the Rathenau Instituut investigates examples of digital services that enable patients and healthy people to share data with a view to improving their health.

The return of the -isms

How resilient are Western democracies? Two new books enlighten in their different ways what is happening now and what might happen next.
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Household inclusion in the governance of housing retrofitting: analysing Chinese and Dutch systems of energy retrofit provision

One of the most important governance challenges in terms of energy saving is the physical upgrading of apartment buildings via housing retrofitting. In urban studies, little focus has been applied to the shape and character of the retrofit governance frameworks to realise inclusion of householders...
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Drivers of declining CO2 emissions in 18 developed economies

Global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) from fossil fuels and industry increased by 2.2% per year on average between 2005 and 2015. Global emissions need to peak and decline rapidly to limit climate change to well below 2 °C of warming, which is one of...