Discussion paper

11 Dec 2018

This paper aims to provide an estimate of where the approximately $76 billion worth of Australian banknotes – or $3,000 per Australian – are held, and for what purposes these banknotes are used.


20 Nov 2018

The objective of the audit was to assess whether the Royal Australian Mint’s strategies for addressing the impacts of declining demand for Australian circulating coins are appropriate and effective.

Discussion paper

2 Oct 2018

This inquiry will have a particular focus on the purchase of foreign cash, and the transfer or remittance of money overseas. It will also consider other ways that consumers and small businesses perform foreign currency transactions, such as via credit, debit or pre-paid travel cards....


12 Feb 2018

This paper provides a brief introduction to cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Fact sheet

6 Feb 2018

It is vital to understand the beneficial owners of your customers, so you can protect your business from being exploited for criminal gain. AUSTRAC has prepared this summary of your beneficial owner identification obligations, to help you comply and be confident of who you are...


17 Nov 2017

AUSTRAC assessed the overall ML/TF risks associated with remittances sent through remittance providers from Australia to Pacific Island countries as low. This was based on the low level of criminality associated with these remittances and the generally low value of remittances being sent to support...

Briefing paper

NZIER Insight 74/2017
1 Nov 2017

This paper discusses the alternatives to inflation-targeting in the post-GFC environment.


22 Jun 2017

Monetary policy is the process by which the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (the Reserve Bank) controls the money supply to ensure price stability in goods and services and confidence in the currency.

Working paper

1 Jan 2016

Bitcoin and its underlying technology present a range of opportunities, but also a number of significant challenges, especially for regulators. Not least of these challenges surround ensuring bitcoin’s fair and effective taxation. In this respect, bitcoin raises two key questions. First, as bitcoin is a...


1 Jan 2015

Over the last few decades, the number of disasters in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) has been constantly increasing. While usually portrayed as weak and passive victims in the face of disasters, the inhabitants of these countries have always demonstrated abilities to deal with such...


5 Dec 2014

Designed to help people who are currently dealing with debt problems, or being contacted by debt collectors.

Summary This booklet helps you understand:

What your legal rights and responsibilities are if you owe a debt Where you can get help to work...


4 Oct 2014

The Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands is an Aboriginal Local Government Area located in north-west South Australia. In 2012, the local Women's Council requested the introduction of income management into the APY Lands. The report found there are indications that income management may have made...


23 Sep 2014

Provides the Bank's assessment of the current condition of the financial system and potential risks to financial stability.

Overview The global financial system continues to be buoyed by strong investor risk appetite. International financial markets have been remarkably stable for much of the...


27 Aug 2014

Summary: Reforms introduced in 2009 to the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) have meant that most samesex and opposite-sex de facto couples (in all states and territories except Western Australia) who end their relationships can now have their property and financial matters dealt with...


10 Jul 2014

The worlds of art and finance often make for uncomfortable bedfellows. Throughout history, artists from every discipline have depended on the financial support of the state and from private patrons, in the form of philanthropic donations. Can art survive without philanthropy, and should it? If...

Working paper

30 Jun 2014

The use of new payment methods by the previously unbanked or underbanked holds out much hope for improved financial inclusion and consequently improved standards of living. It is important that new payment methods that enhance financial inclusion not be weighed down by overly burdensome regulation...


27 May 2014

Explores a number of challenges for the Australian accounting profession in terms of contemporary engagement with Asia.

Introduction Through the geographic accident of being located close to what is the most extraordinary population and economic growth in human history, as we see in...


31 Oct 2013


This publication presents results in respect of 31 March 2013, from an Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) survey of Australian resident enterprises with exposure to foreign currency. The survey covers all enterprises with significant foreign currency denominated balance sheet items and/or significant...


14 Aug 2012

Severe economic challenges and political obstacles look sure to resign China's currency to a fate short of major reserve currency status.

China’s currency is on the rise. Buoyed by the economy’s outperformance and global trade impact, policy steps over the past few years have...


2 Jul 2012

This thesis intends to investigate the asymmetric effects of monetary policy on regional prices within Fiji. The monetary policy shocks are generated by removing any systemic response to future economic conditions from the actual policy rate that is set by the Reserve Bank of Fiji...



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