Latrobe Valley


Breaking new ground

The emerging clean energy economy offers a window of opportunity for Victoria’s Latrobe Valley. The authors of this report argue that capturing this potential requires a targeted and proactive policy approach that leverages the region’s entrenched advantages and lays the bedrock for sustained prosperity.

After the mining - what's the clean-up plan?

How should Australia plan for safe and productive post-mining landscapes?

Market insight report - Victoria's supply outlook

This Insights report provides a preliminary assessment of some of the potential impacts of the closure decision Hazelwood power station. Further investigation is required to gain a deeper, more holistic understanding of scenarios whereby the power system is operating with less synchronous generation.

Life after coal: pathways to a just and sustainable transition for the Latrobe Valley

The Latrobe Valley has a proud history of supplying the electricity that powers Victoria. But coalburning power stations are ageing and – responding to climate change – the world is moving rapidly to cleaner energy sources. In this shifting context, the Latrobe Valley faces inevitable...

Closing Victoria’s Hazelwood power station is no threat to electricity supply

Earlier this year, Engie, the majority owner of Hazelwood, flagged it was considering closing or selling the plant. There are many factors that would be contributing to their deliberation. These include, but are not limited to, the plant’s age, changes in the electricity market, and...

Work and family balance in regional Victoria - a pilot project

Balancing work and family responsibilities is an increasingly significant concern not only for individual employees, their families and the broader community, but also for government and local communities. However little attention has been paid to the different ways in which constraints and opportunities for work...