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Engendering hate: the contours of state-aligned gendered disinformation online

This report outlines a framework for understanding how disinformation is being used online to exclude women from public life. The report finds that gendered disinformation is parasitic on news events, existing rumours, and underlying social stereotypes, and can be extremely successful in reaching a broad...

Poland 2019: the state of the judiciary

This briefing provides an update on the state of judicial independence in Poland. The situation is characterised by the ongoing harassment of judges who stood in defence of the rule of law and human rights, and by media smear campaign against judges with alleged links...

Global review of diversity and inclusion in business innovation

This report reviews global efforts to drive diversity and inclusion in business innovation, examining Estonia, Finland, France, Israel, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, the UK and the USA.

Implementing coal transitions: insights from case studies of major coal-consuming economies

This report summarises key findings from case studies in six countries (China, India, Poland, Germany, Australia and South Africa), exploring pathways to implement coal transitions.
Briefing paper

A Proposal for Defining nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) Requirements for Renovation of Single-Family Houses in Poland

It is estimated that more than 70% of the detached single-family houses in Poland (3.6 million) have no, or inadequate, thermal insulation. Heating technology is outdated and the most frequently used fuel is coal, burned in old coal-fired boilers, largely contributing to air pollution.
Journal article

Quality improvement of ground works process with the use of chosen lean management tools - Case study

Ground works are one of the first processes connected with erecting structures. Based on ground conditions like the type of soil or level of underground water different types and solutions for foundations are designed. Foundations are the base for the buildings, and their proper design...

Lessons from previous ‘coal transitions’ high-level summary for decision-makers

This report aims to provide a deeper understanding of what a 'just transition' away from coal production and use might look like in practice. It provides six historical case studies of regional coal mining transitions that have occurred or are ongoing in Europe and the...
Journal article

Improving construction processes using Lean management methodologies: Cost case study

This article presents the idea of introducing Lean Management methodologies in chosen construction processes and the purpose of the study is to show how Lean Management can influence the total cost of the selected process of managing storage areas on the construction site.
Journal article

Differences in the actual level of defects and the final acceptance protocols of new flats and apartments

Every year in Eastern Europe, especially in Poland, thousands of flats and apartments are ready to move into. The authors analyzed detected defects that most frequently were not entered in the protocols, along with a brief summary of possible causes of the prevalence of such...

Financing building energy performance improvement in Poland - Status Report

An effective renovation strategy supported by proper financing schemes can solve vital environmental problems such as lowering CO2-emissions and improving air quality. However, although a large variety of financing mechanisms exists and a lot of funding will be available until 2020, not all measures seem...

Aging in the social space

This publication is a compilation of studies, which deal with theoretical understanding and empirical solutions, learning about problem spheres, specifying content parallels of social, legal, economic, moral and ethical views on senior issues in society, which are closely related to each other and are interconnected.
Journal article

Management of electrical modernization in construction with the comparison between standard and flexible approach in the economic aspects

Modern LED lightning technology has many advantages and many building administrators and owners are considering modernization of lightning system. Modernization can be done in many ways, also using flexible and agile methods. Article describes new approach of flexible management of electrical modernization with comparison to...