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Implementing coal transitions: insights from case studies of major coal-consuming economies

A summary report of the Coal Transitions project
Energy resources Power resources Coal Global environmental change Climate change Coal-fired power Australia China Germany India Poland South Africa
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This report brings together the main insights from the Coal Transitions project. Coal Transitions was an international research consortium seeking to support fact-based dialogue on the future of coal. The research side of the project included three work streams:

  • Analysis of past coal and industrial transitions
  • Case studies on pathways to implement coal transitions compatible with the “well below 2°C” objective in six major coal-using economies, i.e. China, India, South Africa, Poland, Germany, and Australia
  • Analysis of the impacts of coal transitions on the global coal trade

The national case studies cited in this report were developed by national experts on the coal sector, as well as on energy systems, labour markets and industrial policy in the respective countries. The case studies aim to suggest concrete options for implementing national coal transitions that are consistent with the “well below 2°C” aim of the Paris Agreement, while being fair and just, and respecting national differences. However, they are not necessarily compatible with the Paris Agreement aspirational goal to limit temperature increases to 1.5°C. Further information on the methodology used for the research can be found in the introduction to the report and in the specific reports this study draws from.

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