Following the recent release of the draft vision for Greater Parramatta to Olympic Peninsula (GPOP), Draft West Central District Plan and Towards our Greater Sydney 2056 by the Greater Sydney Commission, the Department of Planning and Environment, in collaboration with City of Parramatta and Greater Sydney Commission, has prepared an Interim Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan for the Greater Parramatta Priority Growth Area (the interim Plan). Given the importance of GPOP to Greater Sydney, which is anticipated to experience the most significant urban transformation over the next 20 years, it is proposed to establish the Greater Parramatta Priority Growth Area by including it in the State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006. This will ensure that any future planning process within the priority growth area considers and is consistent with the interim Plan. The interim Plan identifies how more jobs, homes and essential services will be accommodated in the priority growth area over the next 20 years. It includes a land use framework to guide future redevelopment of the priority growth area, identifies key actions for the short term and allows us and other government agencies to identify and plan for the infrastructure required to unlock its potential. Whilst the interim Plan currently forecasts more than 72,000 additional dwellings and more than 113,000 additional jobs within the priority growth area over the next 20 years, it is acknowledged that there will be further opportunities for renewal and more homes and jobs as planning investigations continue and additional infrastructure comes on line. Work currently being undertaken by the NSW Government estimates that the priority growth area has the capacity to accommodate more than 100,000 additional dwellings and 300,000 additional jobs. The recent announcement of new priority precincts within and adjacent to the priority growth area (Wentworthville, Burwood, Strathfield and Homebush) as well as work the Greater Sydney Commission is undertaking in relation to finalising the West Central District Plan will further increase this number. Covering an area of approximately, 3,478 hectares, the priority growth area currently incorporates land in twelve precincts – Westmead, Parramatta North, Parramatta CBD, Harris Park, Camellia, Rydalmere, Carlingford Corridor (including Telopea and Dundas), Silverwater, Sydney Olympic Park and Carter Street, Wentworth Point, Homebush and Parramatta Road. The interim Plan is not intended to be a static document and forecasts will be updated as planning progresses over the next 20 years. The interim Plan should be read in conjunction with the Greater Parramatta Land Use and Infrastructure Background Analysis (June 2017).

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