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Corridor protection: planning and investing for the long term

Transport Infrastructure Land use Strategic planning Australia
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Corridor Protection: Planning and investing for the long term is the third paper of Infrastructure Australia’s Reform Series advising Australian governments to take urgent action in the next five years to protect vital infrastructure corridors, to avoid cost overruns, delays and community disruption when delivering new infrastructure. The paper shows that protection and early acquisition of just seven corridors identified as national priorities on the Infrastructure Priority List could save Australian taxpayers close to $11 billion in land purchase and construction costs.

These seven strategic corridors are:

  • East Coast High Speed Rail
  • Outer Sydney Orbital
  • Outer Melbourne Ring
  • Western Sydney Airport Rail Line
  • Western Sydney Freight Line
  • Hunter Valley Freight Line
  • Port of Brisbane Freight Line

The paper calls on Australian governments to agree a national framework for corridor protection to guide coordinated and meaningful action, to identify and protect land required for delivering future infrastructure.

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