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Regional Land Supply Assessments are prepared as a component of the Western Australian Planning Commission’s (WAPC) Urban Development Program (UDP), which tracks and models land supply as per the requirements outlined in the Planning and Development Act 2005. The role of the WAPC includes developing models to better understand land supply and development, to promote this understanding as part of the land use planning and development process and better align the provision of infrastructure.

Regional Land Supply Assessment reports assess land for future residential, industrial and commercial uses, providing context for the land use planning and infrastructure provision required to meet demand across selected regional centres.

This report provides information on:

• demand drivers specific to Geraldton, including the major economic factors that influence employment and population growth, and therefore, the demand for land and housing

• zoned land supply for residential, commercial and industrial uses

• development constraints

• recent and future land development activity

• existing and required physical infrastructure.

The Central Regions Land Capacity Analysis (CRLCA) documents, prepared by the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, are broad overviews of land supply in settlements of the Mid West, Gascoyne and Goldfields-Esperance regions. The CRLCA documents aim to identify and analyse existing and future land supply and are available online at aspx. This Regional Land Supply Assessment report provides a more comprehensive analysis of land supply in the Geraldton urban area and takes into account recent lot activity and dwelling approvals, current residential densities, specific constraints to development and the potential timing of future land releases.

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