Changing the narrative in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research

Four Cooperative Research Centres and the Lowitja Institute: the story so far
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In 2017 we’re celebrating twenty years of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led and focused health research – recognising the journey of the Lowitja Institute and the four associated Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs).

To mark this anniversary we have launched this publication, which outlines the journey and the successes of the Institute and the CRCs, and showcases how their cumulative efforts have pioneered a new way of conducting  health research in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. It maps the evolution of a new, collaborative and culturally appropriate way of carrying out health research. It’s an approach driven by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander priorities – an approach developed by the CRCs, and embodied in the Institute.

Each of the CRCs and the Institute has progressed the work to develop health research expertise and processes to achieve lasting reform. Efforts are based on key principles of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander control of the research agenda, a broader understanding of health that incorporates wellbeing, and the need for research to have a clear and positive impact.

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