This plan outlines the focus for the Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council of NSW AH&MRC and is based on the emerging themes and priorities identified by our member services as important to our communities and the Aboriginal community controlled health sector in NSW.

Key Findings:

  • AH&MRC strives to be inclusive of all peoples and encourages participation from the wider community to enhance cultural knowledge and appreciation, with maintaining respect for Aboriginal culture, heritage and history.
  • The AH&MRC works in collaboration with other Aboriginal Health and non-Aboriginal health partners to systematically address the social determinants of health and wellbeing.
  • Member services have recommended AH&MRC focus on showcasing successes, identify and develop regionalised approaches to support, and position AH&MRC as the lead agency in NSW supporting the sector and mainstream organisations to improve Aboriginal Health outcomes through policy, planning and strategic consultation
  • AH&MRC are committed to building sustainable programs that promote professional development and upskill their Aboriginal workforce.
  • AH&MRC is optimally placed to support and promote the ACCHS sector as a repository of information of organisations and programs providing clinically and culturally best practice Aboriginal Health services in NSW.
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