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While our actions now are supporting Queensland’s strong economic growth and job creation, we are continuing to look for new opportunities to strengthen and build on this growth. We need to ensure we are well positioned to take advantage of future opportunities.

An industry with significant potential globally, and for Queensland, is the drones industry. A 2016 report by Goldman Sachs highlights that potential drone market opportunities for consumer drones could reach US$17 billion by 2020, and the commercial and civil drone market could reach US$13 billion by 2020. Queensland has an opportunity to build on its existing technical expertise, our world-class research sector and status as an innovation leader to benefit from the growth in this market.

This Queensland Drones Strategy consultation paper has been developed as a way to start the discussion around how we can take advantage of this opportunity. We need to ensure industry can thrive, our research and development opportunities are maximised, investment flows into Queensland, our communities benefit, and Queenslanders’ rights are protected. Importantly, we need to develop a strategy so that we have a shared vision, we know how to achieve that vision and what our responsibilities are in achieving our vision.

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