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Our Greater Sydney 2056: draft Greater Sydney region plan

A metropolis of three cities - connecting people
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The vision seeks to meet the needs of a growing and changing population by transforming Greater Sydney into a metropolis of three cities – the Western Parkland City, the Central River City and the Eastern Harbour City. It brings new thinking to land use and transport patterns to boost Greater Sydney’s liveability, productivity and sustainability by spreading the benefits of growth.

As the population of Greater Sydney grows to 8 million over the next 40 years, and with almost half of that population residing west of Parramatta, this rebalancing will leverage that growth and deliver the benefits more equally and equitably across Greater Sydney.

Residents will have quick and easy access to jobs and essential services, housing will be more affordable and the environment and precious resources will be protected. Importantly, infrastructure will be sequenced to support growth and delivered concurrently with new homes and jobs.

Having three cities will put workers closer to knowledge-intensive jobs, city-scale infrastructure and services, and entertainment and cultural facilities. Residents and businesses in an inclusive Greater Sydney will find that freedom of expression and creativity are supported and acknowledged as part of the innovation economy.

Walking and cycling will become increasingly important in daily travel arrangements with well-designed and safe paths in popular thoroughfares improving the sustainability of the region and the wellbeing of residents.

Each of the three cities has its own opportunities and challenges.

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