Melbourne is one of the best places in the world to live, work and do business. Today, our appeal as a leading international city is being challenged – this time by the profound changes known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Revolution marks the next period in humanity’s progress, which will be characterised by a fusion of our physical, digital and biological worlds. People, organisations and sectors will need to adapt to survive, and governments will need to move quickly to productively regulate the technologies behind these changes.

This next period in our evolution will bring enormous opportunity – but it will also disrupt employment markets, our economy, and society at large. The unprecedented changes will be compounded by fragility in geopolitics, in our natural environment, and in the global business landscape.

Against this background of change which will shape our economy, the Committee established the Melbourne 4.0 Taskforce. Harnessing the knowledge and insight of our diverse membership base, the Taskforce has formed a credible policy agenda for our city to prepare for the challenges and opportunities facing our future economy and society.

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