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VicForests harvests approximately 3,000 hectares of native forest in Victoria each year, under a number of environmental regulations. The timber harvested is used to produce furniture, flooring and other building materials, as well as paper.

VicForests describes sustainability as a key component of its operations. In an informal submission to the Committee, representatives outlined their regeneration practices.

The goal of VicForests is to meet community demand for wood products. It is responsible for supplying approximately one-third of the timber used by industry in Victoria. The Sustainable Forests (Timber) Act 2004 allows for an Allocation Order to be made by the Minister for Agriculture, which vests property of timber in VicForests.

VicForests is certified to the Australian Forestry Standard, which is aligned to the global Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

Timber supply modelling is a key component of VicForests work. That is, determining the volume of timber for allocation and sale. According to VicForests, it or external agencies regularly review the modelling processes and data that it uses for timber supply modelling.

VicForests has been criticised by the timber industry for lack of supply and its supply process, and by environmentalists for its logging practices and business losses.

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