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The NSW marine estate is a valuable natural asset to the people of NSW. It comprises tidal rivers and estuaries, the shoreline, the submerged lands, and the waters of the NSW coast from the Queensland border to the Victorian border and out to three nautical miles offshore. The NSW Government’s broad vision for the NSW marine estate is: A healthy coast and sea, managed for the greatest wellbeing of the community, now and into the future.

To achieve this vision, the Marine Estate Management Authority (the Authority) established a five-step decision-making process. Starting in 2014, it involved working with the NSW community and experts to identify the benefits of the marine estate to the community – the environmental, social, cultural and economic values and benefits. An evidence-based statewide threat and risk assessment (statewide TARA) during 2016–17 assessed benefits and identified the threats that are a priority for action. This Strategy proposes a suite of initiatives that are the most effective options for addressing priority threats. A five-year health check will measure progress. These steps and their associated outputs, along with the Authority’s ten management principles, underpin this Strategy for the NSW marine estate.

The Strategy is a key commitment of the NSW Government resulting from the NSW Government’s response to the findings of the 2012 Independent Scientific Audit of Marine Parks in NSW (the Audit). It sets the overarching framework for the NSW Government to coordinate the management of the marine estate over the next decade in accordance with the objects of the Marine Estate Management Act 2014 and the NSW Government’s vision for the marine estate. The Strategy balances economic growth, use and conservation of the marine estate by identifying evidence-based management priorities and setting policy directions for managing the marine estate as a single continuous system


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