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This report summarises the technical analysis undertaken in preparation for the first Plan for Greater Adelaide (2010). It addresses a range of urban issues, including housing, transport, economic development and climate change. 

The Plan for Greater Adelaide (the Plan) details how we will guide population and economic growth, particularly in respect of land use, transport and infrastructure. The Plan has been produced in response to the State Government’s Planning Reforms 2008, which require a 25–30 year plan for metropolitan and outer metropolitan Adelaide, including targets and actions to steer growth and change (the Planning Reforms are available at T

he State Government has set targets for Greater Adelaide’s growth during the next 30 years that include up to 560,000 more people, nearly 260,000 new dwellings and over 280,000 new jobs.

To support the development of the Plan, extensive consultation has been undertaken with State government agencies, three rounds of workshops have been undertaken with local government (based on the seven state government regions in the Greater Adelaide area1), and consultation has also been undertaken with industry representatives.

Technical analysis has been undertaken to consider the evidence underpinning the key issues confronting the region as well as those directions necessary to transform Greater Adelaide into the most competitive, liveable, climate change resilient and sustainable capital in Australia. This technical analysis includes the findings from consultation and together has been used to support the draft policies and targets contained in the Plan for Greater Adelaide.

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