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Technical report

The Parenting Today in Victoria survey is the most comprehensive look at the concerns, needs and behaviours of Victorian parents ever conducted. We asked 2600 parents more than 100 questions – and what we found will fill important gaps in our knowledge about how parents are coping and their relationships with their children.

The survey also provides valuable information from one of the largest groups of fathers ever surveyed on parenting.

Understanding how parents are faring is critical to delivering better outcomes for children because evidence shows there is a powerful connection between parents’ wellbeing and children’s wellbeing.

Parenting Today in Victoria delivers important information to those designing policy and delivering services. As we continue to collect this information over time, we will be able to measure progress and provide the information needed to develop tools and interventions that support parents and families.

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Parenting today in Victoria: technical report - October 2019 https://apo.org.au/node/311380

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