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Parenting today in Victoria: technical report - October 2019

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In 2016, the Parenting Research Centre conducted a comprehensive survey made to date into the concerns, needs and behaviours of Victorian parents. This study was called Parenting Today in Victoria, and painted a picture of how Australia’s parents think and feel about parenting and their relationships with their children. A technical report detailing the findings of the survey was also released in May 2017.

In 2019, they repeated the study. By doing this periodic check-in with a sample of Victoria’s parents, researchers are able to understand where parents are faring well, where they’ve made progress, and where they still need help.

Key findings:

  • The survey found that overall, Victorian parents are faring well.
  • Parents generally feel confident in their parenting skills and abilities, and most have someone that they can turn to for support.
  • Many parents continue to be challenged by their child(ren)’s sleeping patterns or habits, and are concerned with their child(ren)’s technology usage. Many also reported that they themselves struggle with their mental and physical health.
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