Infrastructure in the Pacific: learnings from completed investments 2004-2013

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Selected infrastructure investments completed between 2004-2013 by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) were evaluated. The purpose of the evaluation is to independently inform MFAT of improvements that can be made within current infrastructure investments in the Pacific and lessons learned that can be applied to energy and non-energy Activities. Four Activities were evaluated, in the Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Tonga and Niue. Extensive document review and stakeholder interviews of these Activities were undertaken to inform the evaluation. General evaluations of infrastructure projects in the Pacific and elsewhere were also reviewed. These reviews and interviews formed the basis of the evidence for the evaluation. A number of key findings were identified covering the topics of Planning, Management, Design, Effective Capacity Building, Maintenance and Crosscutting Issues. The findings showed a number of consistent themes that will be useful for the MFAT to learn from in the future. These lessons have been documented so that they can be applied to future infrastructure investments, and to guide evaluation for renewable energy Activities. Their incorporation in future project designs and results frameworks will be critical to this. For MFAT to successfully implement the lessons learned, a number of key recommendations and ‘next steps’ have been made. The implementation of these key recommendations will result in better project design and more successful outputs and outcomes that satisfy the Development Assistance Committee criteria.

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