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The Commonwealth Local Government Forum Pacific Programme (CLGF Pacific) is a regional programme supporting decentralisation and advocating for local government in Commonwealth countries. The second phase of the CLGF Pacific programme has been funded by the New Zealand Aid Programme since 2011. The CGLF Pacific programme works with nine member countries in the Pacific to strengthen local democracy, institutions, and local government service delivery capability. CLGF Pacific undertakes its programme work by focusing its efforts in six key focus areas of advocacy; institution structures and policies; institution strengthening; urban management; knowledge and research; and programme governance and management. An independent mid-term Review of the CLGF Pacific, based on document review, interviews, survey, and direct observation found that there are several flagship aspects of the programme including advocacy and relationship building. It is the only organisation devoted to local government in the Pacific and possesses a unique and extensive network of advocates for local government. Due to its involvement, the profile of Pacific government is high on the political agenda. The CLGF Pacific programme is achieving technical results with improving local government structures and policies by supporting changes to by laws and regulations. The role of women in leadership is being raised by participants from CLGF Pacific activities. It is enhancing institutions through training and strategic planning which has led to increased voter registration and increased rating revenue generation. Efforts to address urban management, and knowledge and research need to match the excellent progress shown in advocacy, institutions and structures, institution strengthening, and programme governance and management. The CLGF Pacific programme is well governed and managed, and activities addressing gender and human rights have been mainstreamed with success. The CLGF Pacific programme continues to be relevant, effective, efficient, and sustainable. The CLGF Pacific is achieving its results in most areas, but should consider a more strategic approach to align with New Zealand Aid Programme Objectives as well as align with member country strategies to enhance and sustain results. It should also consider additional projects in Papua New Guinea and Bougainville to meet demand without neglecting the smaller member states. The Review team recommends continued funding of the CLGFP programme, a slight increase in staffing and the use of an integrated results-based, planning, managing, monitoring, and evaluation approach.

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